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Germ Fighter Aromatic Spray 45ml/1.52fl.oz.

Germ Fighter Aromatic Spray 45ml/1.52fl.oz.

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Combat germs with an uplifting, aromatic blend of essential oils. Germ Fighter Aromatic Spray protects your space with a natural barrier against bacteria and viruses, all while leaving behind a pleasant, invigorating scent. Experience the power of aromatherapy with every spritz!

 Contains 100% Pure and Certified Therapeutic Grade Aroma Oils




Germ Fighter Aromatic Spray is a product that is formulated to fight bacteria and germs. It is infused with natural essential oils to give it a pleasant scent, and it works to effectively reduce bacterial activity in the area. The spray can help provide a safe, clean environment for you and the people in your home.


Spray around and/or on you, or on the surface to be sanitized. Avoid spraying in the eyes.


70% Isopropyl Alcohol(Plant Derived Alcohol), D.I. Water, Witch Hazel Water, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cypress Oil, Lemon Oil, Fennel Oil, Peppermint Oil

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