Beaumax founder Kathy Park


After moving to the United States from South Korea, Kathy Park started experiencing allergies and migraines. She sought medical help, but the medications prescribed only provided temporary relief. During the 1980s, the holistic medicine movement was still in its infancy, yet Kathy fortuitously met an individual who introduced her to the world of aromatherapy. This encounter not only exposed her to natural alternatives for managing her health, but also revealed that the synthetic fragrances in her skincare and body care products were at the root of her ailments.

Frustrated by the lack of natural beauty products available on the market, Kathy set out to create her own. She began formulating face and body care products using natural ingredients, which led her down a path of discovery and innovation.

This journey ultimately gave rise to Beaumax, a premium brand dedicated to offering natural and effective skincare solutions for face, body and hair. Embracing the power of nature and the transformative potential of aromatherapy, Beaumax represents Kathy Park's vision for a healthier and more sustainable approach to beauty and well-being.